About the RayMar Art Fine Art Competition


What began as an unusual contest idea in 2005 has evolved into a premier ongoing competition well received in the art community. The contest enables RayMar Art to recognize exceptional artwork and in turn, reward artists with substantial cash prizes.   

Each month of the competition, an art professional selects and critiques 12 finalist paintings, including a monthly "Best of Show", from that month's entries.  These finalists are posted by the 15th of the following month.  At the end of the 12 months of the competition, a final artist judge chooses the 12 award winners from the previously chosen and critiqued 144 monthly finalists.  The competition cash awards are: 

1st Prize - $10,000

2nd Prize - $5,000

3rd Prize - $2,500

4-12th Prize - $1,000 

The 12 finalists for each month and final award winners will appear in the Fine Art Studio Online's Newsletter.  This newsletter is emailed to an extensive database of art collectors. Throughout the duration of the contest, monthly finalists' names and websites are displayed on RayMar Art's site so collectors may contact you directly. Previous years' winners also remain on our site for continued recognition. 

We wish to thank every artist who participates in and supports RayMar Art's competitions.  With your participation, RayMar Art fufills its ultimate mission -- to manufacture professional painting panels, encourage the development of artistic talent and inspire artists to achieve personal success through recognition of their work.


Featured Ad in Plein Air Magazine

RayMar's 5th Annual Fine Art Competition winning paintings  are currently featured in the Winter 2011 issue of Plein Air Magazine. Congratulations to the winners:

$10,000 Grand Prize - "Gondolier" by Robert Lemler

$5,000 Second Prize - "Self Portrait" by Gregory Mortenson

$2,500 Third Prize - "Transition in Rose" by Aaron Westerberg

$1,000 Award Finalist - "Ana" by Casey Baugh

$1,000 Award Finalist - "Moving Geometries" by Jim Beckner

$1,000 Award Finalist -"A Table Setting" by John Ball

$1,000 Award Finalist - "Profile of A Cowboy" by Jerry Markham

$1,000 Award Finalist - "Self Portrait" by Jacquelyn Bischak

$1,000 Award Finalist - "Night in White Satin" by Josh Elliot

$1,000 Award Finalist - "Mucha and Peonies" by Michelle Dunaway

$1,000 Award Finalist - "Tatting Lesson" by James Crandall

$1,000 Award Finalist - "Saddlebred Spirit" by Lindsey Bitner Graham

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Featured Article in American Artist Magazine


RayMar's Annual Fine Art Competition was recently featured in the January 2011 issue of American Artist Magazine. The RayMar Competition was recognized as one of the premier competitions in the art world. Click here to read the entire American Artist article The RayMar Fine Art Competition Begins!