Kristen Thies

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Kristen Thies
Judge For: 8th Annual Competition Month #5 - August 2014

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In 1980, Kristen formally entered the world of fine art when she married Timothy R. Thies, then an emerging painter who had graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art in 1976. Timothy also studied at The National Academy Museum and School of Fine Art in New York with one of America’s greatest 20th-Century painters, Nelson Shanks. Partners in every sense,Kristen and Timothy embraced the adventure of creating a living through fine art. Together, they traveled throughout New England, the Western States, and to England and France on painting trips. They discovered beauty in a variety of landscapes and chose to make their home on Cape Cod, in Vermont, Colorado, and North Idaho.While living in Colorado, Kristen managed marketing and publicity for Smith Klein Gallery located in Boulder. In 1996, Kristen became Co-Director of the Merrill Gallery of Fine Art, located in Denver, where she first met Richard Schmid and Nancy Guzik.

In 1997, Kristen and Timothy founded West Wind Fine Art. In that same year, Kristen assisted Richard Schmid in the production of Alla Prima:Everything I Know About Painting, published by his company Stove Prairie Press. Kristen also served as the company’s marketing director. In 1998, in addition to showcasing the work of Timothy R. Thies., West Wind Fine Art began representing the work of Richard Schmid and Nancy Guzik.

Subsequently, Kristen became Executive Producer for four of Schmid’s landmark Fine Art instructional DVDs. She also assisted in the publication of Richard Schmid-A Retrospective Catalog and coordinated his 2003 historic exhibition at the Butler Institute of American Art, located in Youngstown, Ohio.  Says Schmid, “After many years of working with Kristen Thies, I have come to understand that anything is possible to achieve provided one has the imagination and ability to work hard.”

In 2006, Kristen wrote and published Wisdom & the Dreamer: Achieving Fulfillment in the Arts, which includes thirty full-color productions of paintings by Timothy R. Thies, Richard Schmid, and Nancy Guzik and one bronze by George Carlson.

With determination and the help of Kristen’s creative marketing expertise Timothy Thies became recognized as one of America’s finest artists, whose work won many prestigious awards and can be found in numerous private and corporate collections. Unfortunately, in April 2010 after several years of illness, Timothy died peacefully with Kristen by his side.

In 2012 Kristen moved to Wellesley, Massachusetts, where she maintains West Wind Fine Art’s strong online presence and continues to curate exceptional Fine Art shows featuring works by the artists she represents, most notably Richard Schmid, Nancy Guzik, and Daniel J. Keys.

In addition, she also features Art from foremost sculptor and painter, George Carlson, renowned landscape painter, Clyde Aspevig and his wife, Carol Guzman-Aspevig, Judy Stach and Richard Schmid’s extraordinary protégés, Daniel J. Keys and since 2014, the art of Kathy Anderson.

Says Kristen, “Before making our home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Timothy and I lived on Cape Cod for many years. After his passing, I drove back across the country to start anew–to return to the area we shared and loved together.”

“Personally, I need to make my home in a place that surrounds me with beauty, which is why I love living in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Every season is inspirational. I look forward to sharing my passion for Fine Art with like-minded visitors from around the world.”

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