Cathy Dietrich

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Cathy Dietrich
Judge For: December 2009

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Cathy Dietrich is the Chairman and CEO of RayMar Art, Inc., but before she manufactured plein air products, her fine art education prepared her to paint professionally.  

On vacation in the southwest in the late 70’s, Cathy was quite taken with the desert’s unique scenery. The contrast of desert flora, mountains and intense light of the seemingly endless sky overwhelmed her. She transcribed her excitement with uninhibited brushstrokes and created landscape paintings more colorful than reality. Soon after she relocated her work was exhibited in southern California and west Texas galleries.

Cathy did not limit her art to painting. She became the go-to graphic, interior and landscape designer for family, friends and community projects. She is a published poet, sang lead soprano in an annual concert of Handel’s Messiah and last year acted with a local improv troupe. Today she supports the arts with season ticket subscriptions, museum memberships and volunteering.

 “Leap and the Net Will Appear”, from favorite author Julia Cameron in “The Artist’s Way,” is Cathy’s mantra.  After all, in business where would advertising and sales be without taking creative risks to produce the “new and improved”? And more often than not the best ideas happen by chance. RayMar’s panels were developed and manufactured in the late 90’s after Cathy was asked to make panels by hand for her Scottsdale Artists’s School workshops with Ted Goerschner, Kevin Macpherson and Charles Sovek.

The First Annual RayMar Art Competition in 2005 was Cathy’s epiphany to create a yearlong contest to showcase artist customer’s talents through the power of the internet. Prior to RayMar’s competition art contests were traditionally sponsored by art schools or painting associations and juried paintings were exhibited in a gallery. 

Friend and mentor Kevin Macpherson suggested she could pick winning art and boosted her confidence to consider judging. She took the challenge and in the second annual RayMar Art competition one of Cathy’s picks (Robert Spooner’s “Griddle Cook”) became the grand prize winner selected by finalist judge John Cosby. This month Cathy dons her juror hat once again as RayMar’s December judge in the fourth annual contest.