Scott Jones

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Scott Jones
Judge For: 5th Annual Competition Month #1- October 2010

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Scott Jones

General Manager

The Legacy Gallery

Jackson, WY and Scottsdale, AZ 

Iím an art addict.  I admit it.  I purchased my first painting at age 16.  Collecting artwork and studying artists has been a life long obsession since then.  I am the former President of Saddleman, Inc. Ė an automotive accessories company based in Logan, UT, with manufacturing plants in SC, OH, AZ, UT, Mexico, China, and Indonesia.  I traveled extensively and tied many of my business trips to gallery shows and museum exhibitions.

Years ago I told my daughters that they would know I was retired when I was in Jackson Hole selling artwork.  That opportunity came much earlier than I expected when my favorite gallery became my employer three years ago.  How great is that!  Iíve been a fan of The RayMar Art Fine Art Competition since I first ran across it on the Internet in 2005.  I count myself very fortunate to own the 1st Place winning painting from 2005-06.  I never miss looking at the monthly entries.  Itís a great venue for seeing quality artwork and discovering artists to watch.