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Award Sponsor: RayMar Art

Snow on the Plains
by David Grossmann
Oil 9 inches x 12 inches

Entered in: 5th Annual Competition Month #10 - July 2011

Judge's Comments: Simple and quiet in composition, this painting communicates the feeling of tranquility and desolation in this snow scene, leading your eyes into the far distance and wondering what is out there. A truly poetic feeling. The music in the design is basically based around a simple two/three value notan structure. At one level there is a two value notan structure (a dark value shape for the trees, and dominant middle gray shape for the sky and ground). At the second level, the middle value gray shape is split into two unequally sized shapes of slightly different values (the sky shape and the ground shape). A touch more detail in the foreground would have enhanced the feeling of depth and provided a lead in for the eye into the distance. - Barry John Raybould