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Award Sponsor: RayMar Art

"Facing The Elements"
by Brian LaSaga
Acrylic 24 x 34

Entered in: 5th Annual Competition Month #10 - July 2011

Judge's Comments: An unusual design, this painting emphasizes the rock formation jutting out into the sky by means of a low viewing angle. This enhances the feeling of majesty in the rock, giving poetry to this painting. It is difficult to come up with compositions in landscapes that are new, and this painting succeeds in its originality of design and concept. The repeating shapes of the rocks in the foreground echoing the composition of the rocks in the large principle rock formation of the painting give the design unity. The varying angles of the rocks in the middle distance provide a counterpoint to the main diagonal line of the principle rock formation, and add variety to the design. Perhaps a few more areas for the eye to rest in the painting would help the eye movement in the painting, as well as serve to emphasize the main rock formation. An extremely difficult painting and composition to pull off, this is an innovative design that has succeeded in creating both poetry and music. - Barry John Raybould