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Award Sponsor: RayMar Art

Bridge in Cologne
by Gonzalo Ruiz Navarro
Oil 28 x 36

Entered in: 5th Annual Competition Month #10 - July 2011

Judge's Comments: This painting has poetry in that it shows us how to find beauty in a our current environment, in this case a man-made one. Finding that beauty around us, and sharing it with viewers is the true hallmark of a creative contemporary artist, and to me is much more interesting than annacronistic images or scenes that have little relevance today. The music of this painting derives from the unity created by the repeating curved lines, with the dominant curve of the first arch giving unity to the design. The unity is further enhanced by the dominant cool temperature of the painting, with the red of the person on the bridge and the warm yellow background to the left of the painting providing some contrast to the dominant cool temperature. (A few more red shapes would have improved the interesting design of this painting). The loose brushwork and paint texture is nice. A little more variety in edges would have further enhanced this brushwork. - Barry John Raybould