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Award Sponsor: RayMar Art

Girl with silk headscarf
by Cheng Lian
Oil 36 x 24

Entered in: 6th Annual Competition Month #5 -April 2012

Judge's Comments: I find it amazing that the artist was able to invoke so much personality and character in this portrait given it is a side view. And, with the addition of the hair covering more of the face, there is little of the sitter's visage that we actually see. Despite this, her personality and a certain emotion of the scene manages to shine through. I love the realism of the face shown against the abstract patternings of the chair and scarf that is covering her. Also, the shadow cast on the wall adds another dimension to the work. Also, look at the detail of the white scarf. The effort put into all the minute particulars, the patterns and folds of the scarf creating complex layers of fabric upon fabric, design upon design. I also love the tangled tendrils of hair in the back balancing the weight of the strands hanging down upon her delicate face as well as the balance of reds created by the lips, ears, nose and fingernails. The background color just slightly echoes the color of the chair. This is such a beautiful painting on all of those levels and more. - Joshua Rose