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July Best of Show
Award Sponsor: RayMar Art

Blackness Over the Lower Street
by Tibor Nagy
Oil 16 x 20

Entered in: 6th Annual Competition Month #8- July 2012

Judge's Comments: This absolutely gorgeous painting took my breath away! What a beauty! It’s an extremely captivating, moody and compelling piece which drew me in and would not let me go. Not that I wanted to go, I could gaze at this painting for hours! I cannot begin to talk about all the amazing qualities found within this remarkable painting. As an artist, Tibor displays the upmost confidence evident in his brush and palette knife work and employs a boldness that only an extremely gifted and experienced painter can pull off. The sumptuous paint application gives the word ‘painterly’ a whole new meaning! The delicious lost and found edges are handled exquisitely. This intriguing, poetic and ethereal painting is so infused with emotion, empathy and melancholia one cannot help but to be profoundly moved. It is clear that the artist painted this haunting imagery with intense sincerity, raw emotion and expressive energy. This extremely multi-layered painting reminds me of a ghostly entity. The cool, subdued and gorgeously diffused greys invoke a sense of isolation and loneliness. I love the way the building is subtly integrated with the foreground, as it rises from the earth into the misty air, giving it a poetic and otherworldly feel. The artist has truly developed his own voice that makes his paintings immediately recognizable and distinctive. A masterpiece indeed! - Jennifer McChristian