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Award Sponsor: RayMar Art

Monday Morning Yellow
by Louis Escobedo
Oil 16 x 20

Entered in: 6th Annual Competition Month #8- July 2012

Judge's Comments: Here is a wonderful example of taking a mundane, often overlooked, gritty subject matter and making it into a visual feast! I am absolutely blown away by this outstanding urban scene! I love how Louis playfully translated the shapes of the buildings, vehicles, etc. into abstract geometrical patterns to simplify this intricate scene. The exquisite soft and hard edges gives this stunning painting a sense of movement and rhythm. The artist displays a remarkable grasp of color. The variety of gorgeous cool greys used in this painting make the vibrant warm colors of the tractor and traffic cones pulsate with life. The directional lines of the traffic light, street lanes, cones and tractor keep your eyes moving in a circular motion centered around the construction worker. The bright green hard hat contrasted against the deep, rusty reds of the truck is a nice touch! The SUV on the left acts as an anchor to keep your eyes from trailing away from the painting. The title is appropriate to depicting the dreary and subjugated feeling of the Monday morning blues on a gloomy, rainy day. Outstanding draftsmanship, skillful paint application and use of ravishing color make this painting a knockout! - Jennifer McChristian