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Award Sponsor: RayMar Art

Tack Room
by Fongwei Liu
Oil 30" x 40"

Entered in: 6th Annual Competition Month #8- July 2012

Judge's Comments: What makes this painting beautiful and stunning is the painterly quality coupled with the gorgeous, lavish color and proficient use of value and tone. It has an old Western feel that conjures nostalgia for the past. You can almost smell the sawdust, cured leather and old pine of the stable when looking at this image. Fongwei possesses a keen and refined sense of color as well as technical proficiency. He rendered the saddles and lassoes gorgeously by creating an aesthetic and decorative pattern, eliminating distracting and unnecessary detail while paying attention to subtle value shifts. I love the delicate hints of deep blue highlights on the saddles reflected from the window. The red blanket on the barrel delightfully compliments the green foliage seen through the window. The viewer’s eyes rest on the soothing shadows in the far left area of the painting then lead straight to the bright open window infused with sunny light. The texture of wood, leather and ropes are handled excellently. There is a quiet and reserved peacefulness emanating from this painting. - Jennifer McChristian