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Award Sponsor: RayMar Art

Michigan Ave
by Mark Lague
Oil 24 x 36

Entered in: 6th Annual Competition Month #8- July 2012

Judge's Comments: There is something so intriguing, inviting and mysterious about this captivating nocturne. Mark beautifully captures the bustling energy of this busy urban intersection by infusing the painting with brilliant headlights and colorful traffic signals that shimmer against deep blues and greens. You can almost hear the drivers honking their horns, smell the diesel, and feel the balmy night air. While there is a lot going on in this nicely balanced composition, the artist has done a wonderful job of using thoughtful restraint to avoid making it overtly busy or chaotic. It requires a tremendous amount of craftsmanship and courage to tackle a scene with complex perspective and detail and make it look effortless, expressive and poignant. The large, simplified area in the upper right serves as a quiet area for the eyes to rest then continue to move through the painting and back to the kinetic activity in the foreground. - Jennifer McChristian