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Award Sponsor: Raymar Art

Self Portrait at 51
by Warren Chang
Oil 29" x 19"

Entered in: October 2009

Judge's Comments: “Self-Portrait at 51” is a painting I will recommend to my students as an excellent example of a well thought-out composition. My eye moves from the books on our left, down the post, across to the painting rag (what a beautifully placed edge, BTW), and is then given a choice – down and to our right, or across the easel tray and up the side of the canvas. If I choose to go down the mahl stick toward our right, I have a place to move up again, along the support post of the easel. If I choose to move across the easel tray, (more likely given the value differences) I return to the path that will take me to the artist’s eyeglasses. In an almost monochrome painting, the introduction of the red white and blue paint on the smock (to which I am led by the apron strap) provides both color and temperature relief. - Chris Saper