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Award Sponsor: Raymar Art

by Elizabeth Pollie
Oil 24 x 18

Entered in: October 2009

Judge's Comments: “Midtown” is a wonderfully executed example of a composition that completely takes over the viewer’s eye. It is an example of subtle, yet complex, design whose study can benefit every one of us. First, there is a design path created by values – I move into the canvas from the crosswalk line on our left, sweep down and to our right along the area of the street that reflects light on the distant sky, and then follow the arrow to the lower right of the canvas. There my eye path is stopped by the shape in the corner and redirected upward along the dark strips parallel to the crosswalk bars, and finally to the woman’s shopping bag. The artist has also used the color red to move the eye in a somewhat similar path but with enough variety to make the alternate route as interesting as the first. To me the yellow cab acts as a “stop” in the same fashion as the shape at the lower right corner. I respond to this painting in many ways, but also because I have been on this street (figuratively) and I know the sound of moving cars in the rain on a day that is not quite cold enough to snow. - Chris Saper