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Award Sponsor: Raymar Art

Gioomy Birthday
by miki king
Oil 162.2cm x 130.3cm

Entered in: November 2009

Judge's Comments: Hauntingly curious. I found myself coming back to this painting again and again. At first I wasn’t sure what to think… I was very drawn to it but wasn’t sure why. The eyes- I’m drawn to the compellingly beautiful eyes! I’ve never seen flesh painted so cold yet it totally works in this piece. Beautiful textural surfaces. I love the thick whites in the dress. I know I keep talking about composition, but it is so important. This painting is a winner in part because of its solid composition. Every item in the painting is expertly placed to move the viewer’s eye around the painting and back to the figure. It is well balanced and just so very intriguing. - Bryce Cameron Liston