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Award Sponsor: Raymar Art

Father and Son
by Warren Chang
Oil 24" x 30"

Entered in: December 2009

Judge's Comments: Classical realism comes to play in ďFather and SonĒ. Iím intrigued with paintings that appear photographic but in reality merely create that illusion through subtle impressionistic elements. For instance, the books are merely strokes of color and the bright green tree outside the window is quite abstract. This well orchestrated composition of multiple elements draws the viewer in to enjoy the relationship between a young son and his artist father. The light shining through the window illuminates their backs and hair to further connect the pair and coaxes the viewer to fully explore the space. This artist is a superb draughtsman and story teller and I canít help but wonder if the true reality of this painting is "like father, like son" another great artist is warming up in the wings. Excellent! c.d. - Cathy Dietrich