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Award Sponsor: Raymar Art

Canyon de Chelly Autumn
by Josh Elliott
Oil 18 x 24

Entered in: December 2009

Judge's Comments: Majestic Painting! …very effective tunnel composition leading the viewer to the orange tree and beyond. I appreciate the inherent movement in the design…especially pulling the viewer back into the painting from the sky along the tree branches to reconnect with the foreground and travel down the road all over again! The brilliant but subdued color scheme is a harmony of jeweled warms and cools…i.e. the saturated gold tree would not be quite as rich were it not flanked by the purple rocks. Similarly the rocks in the light appear less colorful when next to the deeper rock hues in the shadows. I particularly like the colors and patterns created by the varied vertical and horizontal brushstrokes on the surface planes of the rock. They give credibility to the forms as solid mega monuments. c.d. - Cathy Dietrich