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Ethereal Laguna
by Jim Wodark
Oil 12 x 24

Entered in: December 2009

Judge's Comments: Ethereal Indeed! A perfect visual of a secondary Webster definition…ethereal: “marked by unusual delicacy or refinement”. This painting is breathtaking in its simplicity. My air supply is on empty…so taking in an imaginary whiff of “ethereal’s” salt air to continue…. the composition of diagonal waves, sea foam shapes and the foreground tide pool all create excitement. The complementary reds, greens and grays tinged with white add dimension to a painting that initially appears calm – no powerful waves crashing against the rocks for thrills here, just a beautiful rendering of a majestic life force. I particularly enjoy the edge shape and color of the opaque green wave at “stage center”, the hint of the tsunami wave forming in the background and the subtle pinkish violet sky meshed with the horizon…. A masterpiece! c. - Cathy Dietrich