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Award Sponsor: Raymar Art

Market Day
by Sarah Kidner
Oil 18" x 24'

Entered in: December 2009

Judge's Comments: “Market Day” is a challenging composition of stationery and ambulatory figures, architecture, canvas market tents, wares displayed, and contrasting light and shadow play…a whole lot of stuff going on. The industrious painting could have become a disparate collection of elements but instead works as a harmonious whole crafted with confident brushstrokes. All the elements are orchestrated to direct the viewer to the figure in the orange dress. I particularly like the woman’s green blouse against the red building on the right, the colorful shadows under the canvas tents, and the violet/gold ground shadow next to the crates. But the crème de la crème color spot is in the darkest shadow shape behind the walking figures circled with intense highlights. Amazing! - Cathy Dietrich