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Award Sponsor: Raymar Art

by Suellen McCrary
Oil 12" x 9"

Entered in: December 2009

Judge's Comments: I’m momentarily without words viewing “Cameron” as I force myself to remember I’m looking at a digital image of a flat surface brushed with paint. “Cameron” is sensitively rendered and “lives” through a melodious blend of bold and delicate brushstrokes. The direct straight on head angle shows off her impishness. She also “sits” well in the space and her form melds with the background giving the viewer a sense of atmosphere surrounding her. Some favorite areas I enjoy are her translucent skin tones, her ear in shadow, the pale green highlight beneath her eyebrow, the economy of loose strokes suggesting her top and her hair both in shadow against the light background and in light against the dark background. Another plus is the beautiful edge work. c.d. - Cathy Dietrich