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Award Sponsor: Raymar Art

by Janine Salzman
Oil 16 x 20

Entered in: December 2009

Judge's Comments: This painting is pure joy, and a living “still life” formed with translucent and opaque jewel colors in a full value range. Placed on the canvas the spirited brushstrokes seem to spontaneously create flowers, vases and fruit. The objects are not mere copies of objects but are infused with a vitality of their own. The composition effectively balances form with color. I like the interplay of the blue on the foreground vase, the flower forms and hinted on the drapery. All the colors have a counterpart note. I confess I felt a gasp escape when I saw the deep chocolate translucent color on the larger vase and the gutsy bold highlights. “Tangerines” is a fresh still life that captures the vitality of the organic forms supported by glowing inanimate objects. Stunning! c.d. - Cathy Dietrich