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Award Sponsor: RayMar Art

Outdoor Cafe
by Sarah Kidner
Oil 24' x 36

Entered in: 8th Annual Competition Month #4 - July 2014

Judge's Comments: Iím not normally a huge fan of the "Caucasians-eating-at-nice-cafes" genre, but this is painting is so, well, beautifully painted that it won me over. The color world is pretty high-key, but not chalky, the drawing is straightforward without obsessiveness, and the limited selection of colors serve so many duties that, after looking at OUTDOOR CAFE for awhile, one realizes one is going to have to rethink oneís relationship to oneís tube of turquoise. The design is just beautiful, and the interplay of light and shadow causes the eye to dance effortlessly and joyfully across the surface. - Charlie Hunter