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Award Sponsor: RayMar Art

The Carousel
by John McCartin
Oil 76cm x 100cm

Entered in: 8th Annual Competition Month #8 - November 2014

Judge's Comments: Johnís work has been celebrated here numerous times for good reason. His paintings combine intimate observation with technical knowledge and great facility. The detail he invests in his images never interfere with the structural underpinnings and the paint handling is descriptive of the thing it represents. John comprehends how the human eye sees. Rather than overly articulate every element in this painting, John picks and chooses what to call out like a film director planning a shot. He puts a fence post on our extreme right to keep us in the frame. Yet he does so without calling too much attention to it so our focus remains where it should. He does the same thing with the dark mass of foliage in the upper left corner. Again, providing enough information to tell us what it is, but not too much for it to become a distraction. John is also taking full advantage of the warm and cool light that nature has offered Ė warm light from a low sun, and cool light from a partly cloudy sky above. Look at the cows. They tell us everything we need to know about the directionality and temperature of the light. Any part (plane) of a cow that turns towards the sun also turns towards the warmer part of the spectrum, mostly in the form of rim light. Any part of a cow (meaning, a different plane) that turns towards the sky becomes cooler, essentially moving toward the blue part of the spectrum. John demonstrates how temperature shifts donít need to be as dramatic as what Sargent, Sorolla, or Zorn might provide, they just have to be consistent and unified. Consistent with the feeding carousel, the distant trees, the ground, and everything else in his painting. - Thomas Jefferson Kitts