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Award Sponsor: RayMar Art

Morning on Main
by Troy Kilgore
Oil 8 x 10

Entered in: 8th Annual Competition Month #8 - November 2014

Judge's Comments: This is a small painting, which is common to those painted en plein air, and its intimate size makes it an exquisite gem. Everything that should be in a larger, more developed work is to be found here: an adept grouping of values into two strong light and shadow shapes, additional grouping of those shapes using a division of warms and cools, and a fresh handling of paint that can be difficult to maintain in a studio setting. Some folks might consider this to be a sketch. I consider it a complete painting. The colors remain clean because each stroke has been carefully considered and laid down in a sensible order. Enough transparency remains to spice up the larger shapes, and attention was given to the direction of the brush pulls. Troy knows how to start and when to stop. We can all learn a lesson from that, right? - Thomas Jefferson Kitts