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Award Sponsor: RayMar Art

Bright Foliage
by Laura Gable
Oil 11 x 14

Entered in: 8th Annual Competition Month #8 - November 2014

Judge's Comments: What I like most about this painting is the immediacy of Laura’s brushwork and her light handed application of paint. She keeps things simple and unencumbered by detail and presents the minimum amount of information needed to position her shapes and colors in space. She set diagonal streaks of warm dappled sunlight against the horizontal geometry of the bridge, which also serves to indicate a sense of human scale. The sidewalk provides an inviting lead into the scene and the dark reflection of the tree in the water grounds the image. I also enjoyed how Laura bravely punched in rusty reds into the tree foliage because the color makes the other colors pop and provide relief from all of the green. - Thomas Jefferson Kitts