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Award Sponsor: Raymar Art

by Danielle Richard
Oil 48 inches x 60 inches

Entered in: March 2010

Judge's Comments: Painting in a photo realistic style is difficult and hard to pull off yet I found this painting to execute it beautifully and yet still manage to maintain a the feel of a great painting. The mood of this painting struck me. What is she thinking. Is she pondering a great love or is she about to jump? She is looking at something off canvas, which creates a great mystery and is one of the great techniques. And why is she wearing a mans shirt? I love the angular composition of the boat and the reflection behind which brings me back into the picture and creates beautiful aerial perspective. I also love that the focal point is effectively placed in the upper left quadrant in the golden mean. The hair glow is wonderful. I love the drama of the light, love the execution of the face and hands. Im typically not at enamored with a painting like this but Id put this one in my collection. - Eric Rhoads